AGE: Must be 16 years of age at time of time of examination, 18 years of age at time of appointment. Must not be over the age of 41 by completion of the fire training academy.

EDUCATION: Must have a high school diploma or GED at time of appointment.

LICENSE: Must posses a valid Driver’s license at the time of appointment and maintain as a term and condition of continued employment.

CITIZENSHIP: Not required; however, you must provide documentary evidence of Employment Authorization and Identity.

CHARACTER: Must be of good moral character, have no disqualifying police record of convictions, have a good previous work record, good driving history and the ability to get along with people. Must pass a complete background investigation including credit history, driving history, previous employment history and any criminal history you might have on record.

PHYSICAL: A job-related medical examination which includes a drug screen and cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness testing will be conducted.  Vision without correction must be a minimum of 20/100 in EACH eye.  Corrected, vision must be a minimum of 20/40 or better in EACH eye.  Must not be colorblind.